2011 Production

Production Title: Our 70's Show
Band Director: Michael Moreland
Asst. Director: Nick Williams
Design Staff: Michael Moreland - Muisc
Chad Schaedler - Percussion
Mark Mikulay - Visual
Ryan Miller - Color Guard
Instructional Staff: Michael Moreland, Nick Williams - Muisc and Marching
Casey Hanson - Color Guard
Carl Alexander - Battery
Erin Miles - Front ensemble
Drum Majors: Blake Hartung and Kelli Cotter
Concept: This year, the Crimson Express are presenting "Our 70's Show" featuring iconic tunes from the decade. The show begins with a 70's "disco" scene that features the ensemble dancing to Michael Jackson's "I Want You Back". The band thens opens into "Maynard Ferguson's" jazz treatment of "The Sesame Street Theme" featuring fast-paced drill and solos. Next, Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" showcases the band's marching and playing abilities before closing with Tower of Power's "What is Hip?
  Competitions and Awards
SIU Music in Motion - Carbondale, IL - October 1, 2011
First Place in Class B
Best Percussion
Best Color Guard
Mckendree University Preview of Champions - Lebanon, Illinois - October 8, 2011
First place Class AA
Best Music
Best Visual
Best General Effect
Best Percussion
Shelbyville Ram Band Festival - Shelbyville, Illinois - Oct. 22, 2011
First Place in B
Best Music
Best Percussion
Pinckneyville Mardi Gras - Pinckneyville, Illinois - October 29, 2011
First Place in AA
Best Percussion
Best Soloist
Best Color Guard
Bands of America Grand National Championships - Indianapolis, Indiana - Nov. 10-12, 2011
Performed in Prelims